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Environmental and Spatial Planning

We offer the whole range of consultancy services in the field of environmental protection, related to industry, energy production and economy sectors, as well as in the field of spatial and urban planning. We cover integrated planning and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) services to both the private and public sectors through extensive technical knowledge and an understanding of planning issues and legislative requirements. The main services are:

Environmental Protection

This service includes activities on protection of all environment media, natural and man-made goods, live world and human health.

•  Air quality protection
•  Water quality protection and remediation
•  Soil quality protection and remediation
•  Natural and man-made goods protection
•  Biodiversity protection
•  Environmental noise
•  Odours

Waste Management

Properly waste management, besides environmental, has an important economic effects. In its consultancy services SEEC follows the waste hierarchy approach, which is an internationally accepted approach to integrate waste management. The main consultancy services are:

•  Waste management conceptual studies
•  Issues of the waste generation prevention and minimization, reuse, recovery and composting
•  Waste flows at location till temporary storage or final disposal or delivery
•  Temporary and final waste disposal
•  Waste land filling
•  Waste treatment technologies (physical, chemical and destruction)

Environmental Management

The necessary environmental permits for construction new or rehabilitation of the existing objects or for implementation of the strategic plans affect both the schedule and the risk level of the investments. For all companies and institutions it is of the great importance to show their proactive position relating to environmental issues. SEEC offers complete consultancy services in preparation and elaboration required documents for reliable environmental permits getting and relevant presentation of the proactive position of companies and institutions.

•  ESIA for industrial, energy production, transport and other objects
•  Strategic environmental impact assessment
•  Integral pollution prevention
•  Environmental due diligence
•  Company environmental performance evaluation
•  Environmental information systems
•  Life Cycle Assessment
•  Permit approval procedures
•  Ecological baseline studies
•  Habitat surveys, protected species surveys and ornithological surveys
•  Desk-based studies
•  Ecological reporting and impact assessments (EcIA) as part of EIA, scoping reports and Environmental Statements
•  Developing Ecological Habitat Management Plans and Mitigation works
•  Liaising and negotiating with statutory authorities and other bodies.

Emission and Discharge Control

Approach of environment protection at the source posed the problem of emission limitation of the primary importance. Emission trading became actual fact in solving environmental issues.

•  Legislation relating to emission and discharge control
•  Measures for emissions and discharges redaction
•  GHG inventory and climate change (IPPC and CORINAIR models)
•  Preparation of National Emission Reduction Plans (NERP)
•  GHG Emissions trading
•  Ozone destruction gases inventory

Spatial and Urban Planning and Construction

SEEC provides consulting services in the field of spatial and urban planning as follows:

•  Strategies for spatial planning
•  Schemes of spatial development
•  Spatial plans for areas of special aims (national parks, open-casting mines, river basins, coast lines etc.)
•  Regional spatial plans; Municipal spatial plans

In the field of urban planning SEEC provides services for preparation of:

•  General urban plans
•  Plans of general urban regulation and plans of detailed urban regulation

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