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Our services cover all stages in project cycle, from identification, development (preparation, appraisal, evaluation and presentation), to the implementation and monitoring of energy related projects. We can provide a full range on consultancy in different stages of project cycle:

Project development stage

•  Planning documents
•  Project development support
•  Studies and analyses
•  Market research and analyses
•  Conceptual design documents
•  Preliminary design documents
•  Detailed design documents
•  Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
•  Energy policy, strategic and action planning
•  Institutional support and technical capacity building
•  Technical design review
•  Due Diligence
•  Permit management and project monitoring

Tendering stage

• Tender documentation preparation
• Tender and bid evaluation
• Contract negotiations

Implementation stage

• Supervision of works, commissioning and trial operation
• Cost and project control
• Quality assurance and Reporting

For Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources Projects, we can also offer Funding and Grant Options and Advice, or can even provide financing from our sources in the form of ESCO concept.

Hydropower and Water Resources
Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency
Thermal Power Plants
Transmission and Distribution
Electric Power Systems Planning
Environmental and Spatial Planning

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